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to adjust

to this lonely world

this cold stone of a place

to build a home in front of wind

a castle of sand by an ocean

a teen in the mist of poison

make the heart die young

the flesh never age

a moth in a cage, by a fire

melting its wings

who will sing; not I

by winter she will love me again

she’ll know what’s real

when the wind is cold

with no other brighter sun to run to

she will attempt to gather heat from a stone

make a weapon of it to build a home

but muscles will be flabby

tears will be runny

and I will be dry,



“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

—Robin Williams

University of Life

Anonymous asked: Future soul king! It's encouraging to see that JAY STONES is famous. You deserve the attention. Music fans are fickle consumers of trends, so i dont know if we deserve you lol. In my humble opinion you've become a Positive Image of sensuality, among other qualities. Not many if any male artists could claim that, since Negative Sex (rape, etc.) is what sells. What do you think of yourself in these terms? Are you brave enough to replace the current narrative with yours? :)

it’s encouraging to see this message. well “future soul king” is catchy. it is also something big to live by, I appreciate this and I will continue to do my part. in all honesty I try not to think of myself on any terms I’m just doing art to the best of my ability. you know; very brave

(petrichor) Jay Stones

(petrichor) Jay Stones


Henri Julien Félix Rousseau, The Sleeping Gypsy (Oil on canvas), 1910.

Anonymous asked: you're 6'4? lies. let me see your legs cos you don't look it

Things To Think About

this life… this 9 to 5… this boy without a home out of a home. I’m too busy strumming my sensei’s guitar to hear your lovely voice. the voice from a past life soul sister; my love. There is no clean slate, how can one’s slate be clean in this paradox of a world. I have no slate. I am not a politician whose words must be correct. There is no politics on my side of the mountain. On my side we pay for food with poverty. We pay the revolution off with passivity. Tell lies to my vision why don’t you. I am never lost forever confound to this shit of a place. Death to the race, and races let’s try stillness. Let’s be water or a candle lit fire whichever gets the job done. Who are the choosen ones; is it you? me too

Anonymous asked: Do u have a girlfriend ?

married to the sky

it ain’t easy

it ain’t easy