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euphoria-and-sunflowers asked: Your EP was pretty good I really liked searching and exit music. Keep doing you Jay 😘

thanks :)

Anonymous asked: whats your orientation

100% real nigga

TABOO TEMPLE by Jay Stones

the greatest fucking music video to hit fall!!!

regulier asked: Congrats on the EP bro.. Loving it! :)

thank you

Anonymous asked: Theres something very retro about you

Jay Stones - Taboo Temple (Limited Edition)


To begin the mysterious musical journey Stonely tunes to the sweet crafted ballad ‘Enter.’ Jay Stones teams up with producer TAO Tetsuo creating a lush and powerful range of sounds. The name says it all for their 6-track EP Taboo Temple, Taboo meaning forbidden and Temple meaning a place for worship. Jay Stones forms a longing to be with his long lost lover but can’t find it all ahead. TAO shapes ambient futuristic soulful sounds while Stones strums his guitar melodiously singing. Taboo Temple (Limited Edition) also includes an eclectic bonus track by Geometries as he refixes ‘Searching.’

Music - Jay Stones

The description pretty much says it all. :) enjoy!

Anonymous asked: What you need something heavy jay a macten or what mane

got it