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Jay Stones

studio stonely: tried to keep it a secret… but new stuff on the way, oh and videos too

never search for love, let it be created spontaneously.

moon named akisis

my full moon. I never got a chance to tell you how much I loved your voice. how the shakyness of it helped me believe in love again. traumas fill me, no excuses. I need that ability of growing old and realizing the worth of love again. what exactly it is we are fighting for? I chose to be reckless, like a wrecking ball breaking walls except in place of a wall it was your heart. oh full moon how i wish you would come back to me. how I wish we could travel back in time and be in space again. I feel lost and without purpose, just yesterday I feel we were deciding which planet to help spread our love on. dancing in the black depths of space. stars we were, not a care for others. what have i done? became lost in the wilderness? took avantage of your shine. I am a boy that cried love too many times, without an answer for that I fill you at times with anger. Most times I feel myself with sorrow, the reality of actually finding all I wanted in you moon frightings me. It makes me tremble with excitement yet run without knowing how it feels. are we the ones who truly become conditioned. how can I show you my love I no longer have a rocket ship, it torn the first time I tried to show you and fell back down to have it explode a second time. This is number 3 last chance to show you but I feel I can float. I can reach you, here goes nothing moon. I’m sorry for the holes I put into you, the craters fill my face. I can bare to look into the mirror. songs pass my mind but I can’t bother to write them down. I will reach you moon and show you how much of a fool I was with or without your gravity pushing me back.

“What if we’re all being watched under a microscope?”

—Jay Stones

at that time I might have been imagining a cigarette in my hand.

at that time I might have been imagining a cigarette in my hand.